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I have had the 4310 for about 8 months connected to a custom HTPC via an ASUS Xonar 1.3slim. No audio problems and I was able to bitstream TrueHD and DTS-HD to the AVR for decoding. I have had problems with my AppleTV where I would get no sound. I would either have to switch inputs or turn on the TV, AVR, and AppleTV in a specific order to get the audio working.

So I just built a new Clarkdale/H55 based HTPC and when I install the audio driver that allows bitsteaming and Protected Audio Path I get no sound from the system unless I change the Windows speaker config while an audio source is playing.

So I switched the motherboard out thinking it was a problem with the HDMI implementation on the board. Had the exact same problems with the new board. The difference is that when an audio source is playing (and I hear no sound), switching inputs and going back to the pc input fixes the problem. I have to "jiggle" the inputs every time an audio source changes...ie, when I start watching TV then switch to a movie then switch to an AVI, etc. Every time I need to flip the inputs and back to get audio.

So since I had a similar problem with my AppleTV and no amount of switching cables or physical inputs makes a difference, I'm thinking this is a problem with the HDCP handshake with the Denon.

I have also read a TON of other people having similar HDMI issues with other devices as well. I have the latest firmware (at least the latest from the OSD menu) but as you can imagine, this renders my HTPC and therefore, my entire entertainment system useless.

Anyone having similar issues or have a good solution/workaround?
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