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I just upgraded to Denon 4311 receiver and need help in setting up multi channel audio.

My set up:

Denon 4311


Denon 3910 sacd/dvd audio player

LG BD 350 blu-ray player

9.2 speakers ( 2 fronts, center, 2 side surrounds, 2 back surrounds, 2 front wides and 2 subs.)

I have a pair of tower speakers which I used to use as surrounds for multichannel audio playback, wanting full range speakers instead of dipoles used for HT material. In my current set up, I have to use the same side surround dipoles for both HT and multichannel audio. Is there a way I can use the two towers as surrounds during multichannel playback and use dipoles as surrounds for HT material?

I can use either Denon link or analog outputs from 3910 to connect to the receiver.

Thanks in advance.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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