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I have been using the denon avr-4800 for a few years now, its feeding Boston vr 965 fronts, vr 12 center,vrs pro surrounds and svs 20-39 pci subwoofer.

I just got the Radio Shack spl meter for christmas and proceded to calibrate my system with the internal receiver test tones. By default the Denon sets the master volume on 00. Setting the spl db to 75 on all speakers I end up with +2 for fronts, +9 for center(does this sound right?) and -1 and -2 for surrounds.

When playing movies at about -25 master volume for a few minutes of intense action or explosion scenes the receiver is shutting down on its own. does anyone know of any reason this could be happening? I have checked all speaker wires for loose strands and touching wires.

Any ideas?
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