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Denon 4806, bi-amping, and LFE ???

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I have the Denon 4806 and Monitor Silvers all the way around.

Two questions:

1. Can I bi-amp the fronts using the pair of extra surround-outs that come on the 4806.

2. I have 2 Velodyne subs. How do I configure them. There are speaker in and out terminals, but I assume that is for using the sub's crossover. For a 7.1 theatre setup using the 4806 do I simply split the LFE output at the receiver with a "Y" connector, allowing the receiver to do the crossover work, and then run the LFE signal into each sub?


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1. You can passively bi-amp like that if those amps are not being used already. But you only have 7 amps. If you already have a 7.1 system then the answer is NO. The benefits of passive bi-amping are marginal though, especially when you do it with a receiver, where the amps share a power supply. For details on assigning your amps, see pages 105-107 in the US manual .

2. Yes, let your receiver do the "crossing over" and connect your subs to the LFE/sub out with a Y-adapter. Your subs may have specific inputs or switches that allow you to bypass the subs' crossovers altogether. If not, then set the subs' crossovers as high as they'll go.
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