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I am trying to get my 5308 to access movies from a networked external HD

I can see it in the Media Server > Source Select USB/Net > Play > Media Server > M Drive > “Video (not play)” but there I have the issues when I get to the Movies folder the folder is named "Video (not Play)"

When I try to play a un copy written movie (family movie) inside that folder all I get is a picture of an old type camera on the screen.

I have changed all settings in the windows Media player to allow all formats and I have al updates for the computer and 5308.

The movies are saved in various formats to try to get them to play

Mpeg 2.3,4


I am running W7 on my computer and the external HD is networked the Denon is accessing the external HD directly.

I can play music files on that drive and access photos.

I have photos of the errors but cannot upoad them I would be happy to email to someone who may be able to help

Any thoughts?

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