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Denon 5700 shuts down when played loudly, why?

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I have a Denon 5700 AV receiver that activates the circuit protection when played at somewhat high levels. I have PSB Stratus Gold-I speakers and have tried setting them to small and large but the same thing happens. Is the amplifier section inadequit to handle my speakers? Should I consider buying separate amplificton i.e. mono-blocks for the two mains or a 5 chanell amp or should I consider bi-amping the mains? Does anyone know how to adjust the crossover point on the 5700? Thanks Randy
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I would doubt that the amp section isn't powerful enough (the 5700 is pretty beefy)

Perhaps your wall socket isn't putting out enough current?


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WOW, I had never thought of that. I have always wanted to isolate my AV equipment on a separate circuit and this will be the impetus to do so. Thanks, I'll let you know if it helps. The last thing I want to do is damage my speakers! Randy
I take it from your post that the Denon 5700 is going into protection mode and shutting itself down, not that your house circuit breaker is tripping. If it is the former, check all of your connections, especially the speaker connections, at both the 5700 and at the speaker end. Then check all of the wire. I had a similar problem with my Yamaha RX-V995. If I turned it up past a certain point it would shut down, and it ran extremely hot. Turns out that my dog had chewed on a surround speaker wire just a bit, giving it a short. Once I fixed the wire, everything worked fine.
The 5700 protection circuit is kicking in not a circuit breaker tripping. This is happening when a loud scene like an explosion of the building in T2 and during the buffalo hunt in Dances with Wolves etc. What I can't determiine is if there is too much base (even when set to small) or if its too much high end that is causing the protection circuit trip. I do not beleive that I have a bad connection or short or out of phase situation, but I will double check. Thanks Randy
I had this same thing happen with my denon 3300. For the life of me I couldn't figure it out for quite awhile. It ended up being that one of the speaker cables on the front right speaker was loose, just loose enough that on bassy scenes the connector would rattle and touch shorting the cable and the denon's protection circuit would cut it. After rehooking up the speaker properly all was well.


I can confirm for you it is indeed the difficult load of the PSB Gold-i speakers which is causing your 5700 to shut down. While the Gold-i is reasonably efficient, the speaker has a few severe dips in its impedance at particular frequencies. I have a customer/friend of mine who had the same problem with the 5700 & Gold-i speakers. By using an outboard amplifier like a larger Parasound or Acurus, the problem dissappeared, and sound quality improved. In this case, we then used the front channels in the 5700 to power his second zone speakers.

It is indeed a problem of the Gold-i's being a difficult speaker to drive, as I was able to shut down a Marantz SR-19 when it was driving a pair of Gold-i's. Honestly I was a bit suprised that setting the speakers to "small" didn't help the problem more, but I don't doubt it at all. So, start looking for a healthy amplifier, and enjoy. Remember, the bigger your room, the more power you will want/need, and don't forget to consider the used market, as there are some great "finds" out there. Also keep open the idea of a 3 channel amp as that would very likely help your center channel performance too.

Mark Seaton
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It may be two things

a) Heat. there is not enough air flow and the room temperature is high.

b) That your connectors maay be shorting out (This happenend to me when I was using bare stranded cables)

Thanks everyone for your posts. I have done the following and am pretty happy now. 1st I turned the tone defeat off and dialed up the bass knob 2db. 2nd I lowered the two main speaker db levels in the setup menu. 3rd. I changed the the mains to small. 4th. I set the subwoofer to fronts and subwoofer. This produced a very satisfactory result but to be absolutly sure of my power source, I installed a separate 20 amp breaker and "isolated ground duplex recepticle" (the orange ones) using #10 wire. In addition, a 10 foot rod was pounded into the soil and connected to a new ground lug in the breaker panel just for the home theater items. I use a monster cable surge protector already. Last night I was able to really rock and am not considering new amplification. Thanks again everyone, Randy
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