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My apologies if this has already been posted. I looked but didn't see anybody else who had mentioned it.

IT'S OFFICIAL!!! Denon 5800 Upgrade IS coming!!!

Here is the run down directly quoted from the site:



1) Dolby Pro Logic ll

This upgrade provides Dolby Pro Logic ll decoding capability. The Dolby Pro Logic ll decoder reproduces dynamic 5.1-channel surround sound from 2-channel sources such as TV, videos and CDs. Dolby Pro Logic ll uses matrix decoding technology that has been dramatically improved over Pro Logic. With Pro Logic ll, for instance, the Surround (Rear) channels are in stereo instead of just mono with Pro Logic, and playback covers the full frequency range instead of just up to 7kHz with Pro Logic. These improvements let you enjoy a wide variety of 2-channel sources with the exciting effects of 5.1-channel surround sound. In Dolby Pro Logic ll, there is a Movie mode (*1) that creates a sound field for movies, a Music mode that does the same for music, and a Pro Logic emulation feature that reproduces sound effects in the way that conventional Pro Logic does.

(*1) On Denon A/V receivers, this Movie mode is displayed as “MODE CINEMAâ€.

2) DTS 96/24

The upgrade also brings you DTS 96/24. High-quality 96-kHz, 24-bit sound playback from ordinary DVD-Video recordings is limited to only two channels, and there are also limitations on the picture. DVD-Video recorded in DTS 96/24, however, allows high-quality 5.1 channel sound playback in full-quality, full-motion video. DTS 96/24 also lets you enjoy both digital audio output and video output from your existing DVD player.

3) DTS ES Discrete 6.1 + THX Post Processing

This upgrade further lets you enjoy Home THX Cinema Surround with DTS ES Discrete 6.1 Surround. Designed for the home listening environment, this provides THX post processing to give you clearly audible dialogue, more effective sound localization and directionality, and a greater dynamic range. The sound you hear in your home theatre more accurately reflects the sonic images intended by the producer and more closely matches the images on the screen.

4) Dolby Headphone

Dolby Headphone decoding is possible with this upgrade. In conventional headphones, sound is directed into the listeners ears from two sides in order to preserve the stereo effects from the speakers. Dolby Headphone, however, generates signals that more closely emulate surround sound from the speakers to give you a more realistic multi-channel sound effect through your headphones. Dolby Headphone provides three modes:

DH1: Referred to as Dolby Headphone “Reference Room,†this mode recreates a small, acoustically “dry†room, well suited to both music and movie programmes.

DH2: This mode has an acoustically softer effect than DH1, and is best suited for music recordings.

DH3: This mode gives a greater sense of distance and sonic dispersion to create a large room such as a concert hall or movie theatre.

Dolby Headphone supports Dolby Pro Logic, Pro Logic ll, and Dolby Digital as well as stereo and multi-channel signals. Dolby Headphone reproduces the sonic experience you receive through your speakers from stereo or multi-channel sources.

5) Panja and Crestron Compatability

This upgrade supports the Panja and Creston control protocols.

6) Improved Ease of Operation

a) Adjustable Cross-over Switching

The upgrade provides subwoofer cross-over switching with a choice of 3 cross-over frequencies: 80,100 and 120Hz. This lets you more accurately match the performance characteristics of the subwoofer to the main speaker system.

b) Improved On-screen Displays

The upgrade gives you the option to display the value on the monitor screen when you adjust the master volume.

Note: These specifications are subject to change prior to the upgrade release.


Overall the specs look good. I would have hoped for lower crossover freq's though. Oh well, nice to finally hear REAL news.

If anyone wants to see the specs for themselves then go to http://www.denon.co.uk and look under products and A/V Components.
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