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Denon 5800 vs Denon 3801/Parasound 1205AT

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What do you guys suggest?

DENON 5800


DENON 3801 with Parasound 2205AT or 1205A

Does DENON make a specific pre-amp? If going with separates, what would be a good choice as a pre-amp?

Currently, I only have 5 speakers, is THX a big improvement over DTS/Dolby Digital? Does it really matter? What else do I loose by going with the 3801?


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Nav Sandhu,

First of all what will you use this for?

Music? Movies? Both?

And what is your budget?

You need to supply much more information as to what

and where you want to go with these plans.

I would suggest read and read some more.

Take your time and read again.

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I want it for both Music and Movies. Budget... under 5k.

I currently have:

center: Energy AC300

front: Energy A5+2

rear: Energy RVSS

sub: Energy EXLS-12

TV: Sony 57" XBR 16:9

I am looking for a receiver that has component switching and maybe THX support.
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I would suggest you to check this site out. http://pub7.ezboard.com/baussiedvdandhtforum

This is the Flagship Receiver & Amplifier Central Forum.

Read a bit of what the end user's are saying.

I would think the B&K AVR307 or the Denon AVR-5800

would fill most user's Receiver needs.

I admit that the 5800 is a great receiver. The question still remains (and has not been answered on the australian forum) whether its power amps can better separates.

I for one struggled with this and end up going with the 3801 + an external amp.
Should you pair up the separate AMP with the DENON 3801 or DENON 4800? Anyone have experience with that?

Hi Guys,

I agree with Oliver and I would get the Denon 5800 and save your money and buy either a seperate power amp for either just stereo or maybe 5 channel. I have a friend use the Denon 5800 for hometheater and as a preamp. But he bought a pair of Bryston 7Bst for front left and right. I am currently using the Enlightened Audio Design Powermaster 2000 (Awesome power amp by the way).

Just my 2 bits, bkwong73
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