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Denon 587

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Hey, I just got this thing and it sounds very nice compared to my old Teac stereo amp (quite a jump).

One thing i noticed is that on the 7.1 ext in there is a noticeable amount of Brownian noise comming from the speakers, regardless of whether I have anything plugged into the inputs. Set the input selection to anything else, ie digital, or analog stereo and there is no noise. The level is quite low and does not bother me (especially since i'm a fan of relaxing with some brown noise in the background)

Has anyone else had this problem before? or other problems with the receiver.
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uh oh.

it turns out that i can hear the noise on all of the input modes.

is this normal for an av receiver of this level? or should i return the set?

any help is appreciated thanks.
ok forget it.

the thing is returned, pos.

unfortunatly i could hear the same fuzz in other amps, like the new sony hdmi (passthrough) 7.1 avr, and some other amps.

not sure if this is a general problem for multichannel amps.

i think i'll go my own way with single/dual amps (and a decoder if i need it)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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