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I currently own the latest addition to Denon Top range DVD Player.

My screen is the latest Pioneer PDP 507 XD which allows 1080p 24fps.

My new Denon only offers 1080p at 25fps.

The problem i have is the Denon DVD player will not convert standard DVD

to 1080p 24fps. It will convert the disc to 1080p 25fps.

I was just wondering why Denon did not consider the flagship to output

all known formats in 1080p such as:

1080p 24fps (Firm standard used today)

1080p 25fps (Denon player outputs this one only ! )

1080p 30fps (USA standard for DVD)

Has anyone any thoughts to this?

Denon have advise at the time the DVD was offered they did not feel that

1080p 24fps would be called for, as Blue Ray and HD-DVD where soon out.

Denon have now said that they have found out that more of us have a massive

collection of standard disc and are happy to hold on to our collection for many years to come.

Looking back, I feel Denon should have looked into this more.

& may be offer additional upgrade to allow the player to be more flexable.
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