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My Denon is 9 months old, running composite cables from a direct tv box, feeding an HDMI cable to cat 5 converter that runs 25ft to behind a panasonic plasma, where another cat 5 converter feeds an HDMI back to the TV.

When I went to bed the other night, we were having a thunderstorm, but not a bad one, and I lost video, audio works fine. When I looked at it today, resetting the system had no effect, still no video. The surge protector was never tripped either. I thought maybe a bad cable? Swapped out some to check the HDMI and that doesnt appear to be the problem. Bypassed the

Denon, running an HDMI cable from the direct tv box to the cat 5 switch and audio and video are running again. There is something definitely wrong with the avr.

Any ideas?
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