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I have had my unit for a few years now, however, I never used the Zone 2 capability up till now.

I just built a house and added a TV and outside speakers with the intent on having 2 direct tv receivers inside (1 for living room tv and 1 for outside tv) and using this unit to watch and listen to 2 separate programs whether it be a football game outside and cartoons inside or just music outside and a movie inside.

Is this possible and if so, how do I set this configuration up?

Thanks in advance.

In all, I will be hooking up to the 890 unit:

2 HDMI for Direct TV

1 HDMI for Playstation

1 Component for DVD/VHS combo

I ran 2 dedicated Redmere directional HDMIs to each TV from the area where all of my components will be.

I used the source side as the component and the sink/display side to the TVs.

Thanks again!
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