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Denon 910 or NAD T513???

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Any opinions on either player?

I know the 910 has the Faroudja chip but when I looked at it up close yesterday, it has questionable build quality and the tray is wobbly.

The NAD T513 (haven't seen it) but seen a T512 and those things are built like a tank. Solid chassis and heavy duty.

Both are around $250 shipped online. So any comments will be truly appreciated since I am so in the middle of the two units. I am not really interested in any other player except the two above. THanks again.
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No NAD experts here?
NAD makes DVD players ? :confused:

I'm really not sure how they perform, however the Denon 910 is one of the

best performing players out there, although some question it's build quality.

Check out the secrets of hi-fi progressive scan benchmarks.

You may also look for an XP30/RP82 from Panasonic -- these are also

cream of the crop performers...

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