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Denon AMP Power

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I have an older AVR-X1200W that I bought years ago and has been sitting in storage until this point. I plug the device in and have solid red light above the power button but nothing happens when I try to turn on the power by hitting the power button or using the remote.
Denon Tech Support tried walking me factory reset but didn't work and told me to have it serviced. I don't want to spend a lot of getting this fixed it's going to cost more than what it's worth.

Does anyone know of a fix? Maybe power supply is bad?
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As noted in the image below, a "red" power light simply means one (or more) of the listed settings is enabled.

If a microprocessor reset (ie. pressing/holding the "Tuner Preset +" and "Tuner Preset -" buttons on the front panel for 5 seconds) while pressing and releasing the "Power" button does not result in "Initialized" displaying on the front panel after the 5 seconds, then try just pressing/holding the "Power" button for 5 seconds, If still no joy, then time to upgrade to a more current model that is on clearance (eg. 2019 model).

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