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I recently bought an AVR-1609 because I was having my new home set up to have patio speakers and the AVR-1609 has an independent Zone 2. I connected the left patio speaker and all was fine. I installed the right speaker and noticed some static coming out of it eventhough I hadnt connected the speaker wire to the receiver. Once I connected the speaker wire I had sound but when I turned on the main speakers I can now hear both sources (the TV/CBL and the V. Aux) coming from my 5.1 speakers.

I unhooked the speaker wire from the wall plate connector and plugged it directly into one of the patio speakers and the issue disappeared.

Is it possible that the installers crossed the right patio speaker wire in the wall with the 5.1 speaker wires?

I do not think it is a receiver issue for this one reason.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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