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Denon AVR-1907 Help

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First time poster on these boards. Just bought a new house and it has a dedicated movie room with pre-wired 7.1 sound! The issue however, is with my reciever.

I have a Denon 1907 as in the title. However, for some reason now when I pump the volume past 28dB on the screen, all the sound cuts out and only 1 speaker is working.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Regardless, I plan on buying a new reciever for the movie room and using this one down stairs and getting the multizone hoooked up for outside.

Any tips??

Thank you all in advance
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Find out what the impedance of the speakers is, as if they are 4 ohm (common with HTIB systems) your 1907 will have difficulty driving them much beyond the level you're reaching now.
Oh, forgot to mention that this reciever is over 3 years old and I had never had this problem before. Im using the bookshelf Definite Technology set.

Should I spend the money to send it to Denon for repairs, or just trash it?
It's out of warranty, so depends on what the repair cost would be and whether you want something newer. One improvement would be Audyssey MultEQ has improved since your model came out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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