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I just encountered a strange problem with my AVR-1911.  I'll explain the symptoms first and then describe my troubleshooting so you'll see why I think it's the receiver, even if it just needs a setting change.


I've been using the receiver with my surround speakers, plasma TV and Blu-ray player since late 2010 with no problems. Everything is connected by HDMI.  The Blu-ray is connected to the "BD" HDMI port.


Two nights ago we were playing a DVD right in the middle of the show the audio went out.  It happened, maybe coincidentally, when I was adjusting the volume.  It's possible my finger may have slipped off the volume control onto a nearby button on the remote but I can't see how any of the nearby buttons would have anything to do with audio.


Here's what I did to troubleshoot.

  1. Checked the "muting" setting.  It was not on.
  2. Tried a different DVD.  Same problem. No audio.
  3. Tried playing a movie through Netflix on the Blu-ray player.  Same problem. No audio.
  4. Turned off Blu-ray player and played a movie through Netflix on the TV.  There was sound. It worked fine.
  5. Changed to the "tuner" on the receiver and played the radio.  There was sound. It plays fine.
  6. Replaced the Blu-ray player with a new one.  Same problem.  No audio.
  7. Replaced the HDMI cable between the Blu-ray player and the receiver.  Same problem. No audio.


In my book, there's nothing left but the receiver.  Now, my question.  Is there any possible setting that could be causing this or should I just accept that part of the hardware has failed and it needs service?
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