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Denon AVR 2112CI - RF Interference ; Garage door will not open

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Has anyone experienced any RF Interference with Denon AVR 2112 CI. I have a situation when the receiver is plugged in; the garage door will not work via its remote control. After painful experience (also replaced the circuit board of garage door opener); I was able to isolate the problem to AVR 2112CI. As soon as I unplug, the garage door starts working. I have another Denon AVR 3805; which was earlier plugged into the same outlet, never faced any issues.

I did talk to Denon authorized repair center - they have put up their hands and said they have no way to diagnose and solve this. I then spoke to the Customer Service; which is trying to put the blame on my house power line and then suggesting I take it to a repair center; which refuses to entertain me.

Anyway, I am living through this experience by daily plugging and unplugging the receiver. Just wanted to see if anyone else experienced it and figured out a solution.


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If the device is creating RFI or EMI, I suggest first using a good isolation power strip with a good L/C circuit. The good old Tripp IsoBar 4 is one that comes to mind. If you have one, or can get your hands on one, use the outer outlets. It provides better than -70dB common mode isolation, or attach a UPS to the AVR and give it another try.
Thanks for your suggestion. I forgot to mention that the device is connected to a Panamax Clean Power management module which also has all the other components hooked up. I have even taken the AVR power cable out of the Panamax and connected it directly to the electrical circuit and still I have the same issue.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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