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denon avr-2802 rear center speaker question

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I just got my hands on this and it is in perfect condition minus the remote being missing.. anyways. i wanted to hook the rear center up. i ran the wires hooked it up and sighed... How do i enable it.. do i need the remote? im using a denon dvd-1600 with optical. i tried  reading the manual and it  is very vague. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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you probably need the remote to turn on the back center speaker and also assign the optical input.

 I figured as much. ill have to get one off ebay then.  i thought i got off too easy. Thanks for the reply
You might be able to do it using the front panel buttons but I don't know for sure.

i tried pushing the 6.1/7.1 and it says not detected i tried playing with the speaker gains etc i cant find the option. like you said i probably need the remote

 does anyone know a good universal that will allow me to  get into the menu options?

Originally Posted by afrogt  /t/1517674/denon-avr-2802-rear-center-speaker-question#post_24355455

A Harmony remote will work...
like a Harmony 200 or 300?

Originally Posted by tempestwolf  /t/1517674/denon-avr-2802-rear-center-speaker-question#post_24355472


like a Harmony 200 or 300?
i  found a 650 pretty cheap just want to get the right model  i also need to use it for my dvd player

yeah i was eyeing the 650
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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