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Ok im little new to the whole HTIB thing. Im looking to get one of these to manage all the equipment currently lying around. But im not entirely sure if this is what im looking for. Currently i have a projector and a 42" lcd and a plain pc lcd. Also have a playstation 2 and 5.1 speakers. First i was just looking for an amp to control my sound, but then i saw this system, what i really want to know is, what are the video inputs in the back used for. Specially the HDMI ones. My lcd tv has hdmi and my projector has dvi/vga. Does this system allow me to plug my projector and tv into it and then control which one is my display at any time.

I use the lcd to play playstation and the projector for movies and such and want to easily change between them without having to unplug cables and reset resolutions etc. also want to be able to plug the playstation in and hopeing if i decide to play on the projector this will just switch displays for me.

Is this what I am looking for or am i completely off track?
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