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i have 2 questions:

a. how to get dolby true hd from my ps3 and denon avr 2809ci which are hooked up via hdmi.

b. how to biamp my front speakers with the 6.1 speaker set up without purchasing a separate amp.

i'm trying to hear the difference between dobly digital and dolby truehd, which is why I stepped up to the "new" denon (I had a yamaha rxv2400 7.1 receiver bought 4 years ago. what i didn't realize until a year or so ago was that there were no 7.1 movies available!)

i have the spiderman3 blu-ray movie that came with the PS3. under the audio specs of the spiderman3 blu-ray movie, it says Englsih DolbyTrueHD5.1, English PCM 5.1 (uncompressed), etc. so i figure that if i hook up the PS3 to the denon via HDMI (audio setting on PS3 is through hdmi, auto), i would be able to get the dolbytrue hd sound from the receiver. however, when i play the movie, i only see the DD (dolby digital) on the front of the receiver.

is there something that's not set up properly on either the ps3 or denon to get dolby true hd? or am i already getting dolby true hd even though the dolby digital sign is on? or does spiderman 3 not really have dolby true hd?

in regards to bi-amping my front speakers. I have teledyne acoustic research ar9s (with biamp speaker binding posts). I currently wire the fronts to Front-A and Front-B to the denon and have both a and b speakers playing. I read the manual and it says the way to biamp is to use the surround back posts and set the amp assign accordingly. however, i have a 6.1 set-up, so one of the surround backs is being used. is the way i have the fronts wired (by connecting to front-a and front-b on the denon) okay? Or would i have to get another amp to biamp it?

I've read so much about the big differences people hear when biamping their speakers, so i want to hear for myself as well.

any help/guidance will be greatly appreciate. thanks!
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