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I've had this receiver for a long time and am running a somewhat confusing audio/video chain.

At this point, I'm definitely receiving input on the Coax (digital) input and am getting output on the digital optical output (TOS), but I have some audio devices that are analog only. I don't seem to receive a converted signal on the analog outputs of the receiver.

Now, I had this working somehow a year ago or so, but ripped everything down to build a new cabinet. Now, a year+ later, I can't get analog audio out from digital sources. Is there a digital to audio conversion limitation on the AVR-5800 (it's the upgrade one 5800A, but I don't remember that mattering)?

Am I missing a magic button? Due to my input/output chain, I am testing at the receiver and optical in/out is working, but analog from digital sources is not.

Audio coming in on DVD (Coax 2). Outputing on optical just fine. No matter which audio output (vcr-1,2,3, etc) I choose to check on, I don't get audio. I did have analog to analog working fine (analog in gave analog out).


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