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Denon AVR-5800 Questions

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The user's manual is unclear, so I'd like to ask the board:

1) Is this receiver a good choice for driving 4 ohm (nominal) LCR and surround speakers like the M&K S-150 and SS-150? Page 16 of the manual states that "speakers with an impedance of 6 to 16 ohms can be connected...". It also states, in a separate paragraph, that 4 ohms is NOT less than the "specified impedance".

2) In setting the delay time, page 23, the manual states that "the difference of distance for every speaker should be 15 feet or less". Entering a distance of greater than 15 feet generates an error. Is this a THX requirement, or just a Denon problem? I plan to use rear surrounds in a 15ft x 40ft room for THX-EX.
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If these are your speakers of choice for your home theater (and as I calculate speaker cost above $3000 and the Denon for about $3000) I would highly recommend you find a dealer that can demo this combination for you in person. When you are talking about this level of money...you have to demo! See for yourself if the Denon is straining to power the M&K speakers. Just looking at specs...my guess is that the Denon would be fine...but specs can be very deceiving.

If the Denon is straining to power these M&K's you will hear it in the demo. "Adequate power will produce a sense of ease; lack of power often creates listener fatigue."

Find a reputible dealer that carries both manufacturers.

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I read on another forum that Denon confirmed the 5800 would easily handle 4 ohm speakers. I forgot their explanation why the manual seems to indicate otherwise, though.


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Chad, I posted that. DBJ told me that THX Ultra requires the receiver can operate down to 3.2ohm, however, they went with 6ohm in the manual just for the UL certification. The manual is also somewhat contradictory as it states else where in the manual that there is a protective circuit that MAY shut the receiver down if the amp is driven continually and at high levels below 4ohm. You should be fine.

Thanks guys. Now, has anyone tried a time delay of greater than 15 feet?
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