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I have been trying to diagnose a problem with my AVR-590. I have been on the phone with their support a few times but they haven't really been of much help. Part of the problem is that I couldn't communicate how odd the behavior was until I spent a bit more time examining it. Here it is and any suggestions would be helpful.

Samsung PN58B860 Plasma TV

Denon AVR-590 A/V Receiver

DirecTV HR20-700 DVR

Samsung BD-P1600 Blu-ray Player

Microsoft xBox 360 Elite

All of these are attempting to use HDMI (again). When I first set the system up I had everything working fine. My Harmony remote switched between them all perfectly. After a period of time (6 months to a year) it started getting difficult to get the DVR to show signal (Augio and Video). I had to resort to turning on the xBox 360 and toggling standby mode on the AVR-590, turning off the 360 and toggling standby mode on the 590 again to get signal. I called Denon and they had me unplug everything and put the device in a particular location as to be consistent with their "defaults" so I did and it worked on an off again for awhile. My wife is about to kill me because the TV just won't come on.

I have the DVR in HDMI 1 (DVR), the xBox 360 in HDMI 2 (HDP) (Why in God's name this is not Quick Select 3 I will never know) and the DirecTV HR20-700 in HDMI 3 (SAT/CBL).

My dignostics have let me to conclude the following (a reset 590 all at defaults):
  • HDMI 3 Will not work alone regardless of device.
  • HDMI 3 Will work if either the DVR or the DVD are plugged into HDMI 1 - power off or on.
  • HDMI 2 Will not work alone regardless of device.
  • HDMI 2 Will work if either the DVR or the DVD are plugged into HDMI 1 - power off or on.
  • The xBox 360 cannot be plugged in and the power off in any slot or it will result in signal loss.
  • The xBox 360 powered on seems to be OK in any slot.

It used to work but I can't tell if this is an HDMI handshake problem, a HDMI board problem or an xBox 360 problem or a combination of some/all.

Suggestions appreciated.

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If you have done a microprocessor reset and tried powering on the devices in this order: TV, then AVR, then source device and still no joy, it sounds more like an HDMI board failure issue (especially if all source devices work when connected directly to the TV). Check Denon's website to see if there are any repair facilities in your local area as you should still be under the 2 year warranty. Until you decide what you want to do .. you can connect the DVR HDMI directly to the TV (so your wife doesn't have to turn the 590 ON) and then also connect an optical cable from the DVR to the 590 for surround audio.
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