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Hey guys, I hope you all can give me some adivce on my ideas of a small home audio set-up. I am new to the forums so please bear with me. I rescently had the opportunity to get a Denon AVR-697CI for $250.00 CND. From looking online at other stereo receivers, it seems to be worth it. A local company here in Winnipeg, Canada went out of business and seeing as this thing retails for $500.00+ US, it seems like a good deal to me. Let me know if I should buy it...

On another note, this seller also has speakers for sale, he has a few pairs of Ikon speakers, and a few pairs of Energy speakers. The Ikons are nice, and some have built in powered subs, which is a great feature. But I know Energy are quality speakers. Regardless I have the ability to grab up a pair of Energy RC-70's for $700.00 CND, rather than the $1200.00 retail price per speaker at the local Futureshop. He also has Energy RC-30's for $250.00, btw, they are ALL BNIB.

The Ikons are different models.

Ikon HW 26's - $200.00 per pair.

Ikon HW 28's - $700.00 per pair.

Ikon HW 210's - $900.00 per pair.

My current set up is nothing special, I have a Kenwood VR-509 (that I intend to replace). A set of good old Realistic Mach One's (the originals), and a set of Cerwin Vega AT-8's. I am searching out advice and guidance on wether I should buy these things, and jump on these prices? Or weather I should look for something else.

If you need my interests on what I intend for this set up, its just music, nothing more. Clear loud, blaring music. Maybe the odd video game, or movie, but nothing more than mainly music. Any advice would be great, thanks in advance!


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I've never heard of the Icon speaker brand. The RC-70 price seems to be pretty good. MSRP on the Energy site is $1100 EACH. Not sure what they sell for retail from a store or web retailer.

As for a receiver I'd look for a nice used 2 channel receiver if all you want is a 2 channel setup. You might find a Harman Kardon 33xx or 34xx receiver for a decent price. The 3490 comes with a built in DAC for digital inputs - one each coax and optical if you need that. Others to look for would be an Onkyo TX-8555 .
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