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Denon AVR-788 losing Digital connection

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Not sure if this has been covered since I may not be searching for the correct thing.

I've had the AVR-788 since April. This problem has been occurring since then but I think finally isolated it to the receiver. While watching tv or playing the ps3, I lose picture and sound. Here's what happens step by step.

1 - Watching tv/ps3 normally

2 - Picture goes dark, sound goes away

3 - Input Signal indicator (Digital) goes blank

4 - Picture & sound on, Input Signal indicator flashes Digital

5 - Lose picture & sound and Input Signal indicator again

6 - Back to normal

Each step takes about a second, so we're "inconvenienced" for 5-6 seconds, but it's rather annoying. I have not been able to determine what causes it since it can happen after 3 minutes, 5 hours, or any combination. Some days it never happens, and some it happens every 10 minutes.

Any thoughts? Not even sure where to begin. I have a feeling it's a bad HDMI port on the receiver, but it happens in both HDMI1 & HDMI2.
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So it's just me? Any ideas on what to search for?
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