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Denon AVR-S510BT: 4K ports are losing 4K capabilities

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I've got a Denon AVR-S510BT receiver plugged into a Sony X900E TV, with an Apple TV 4K, PlayStation 5, and Window gaming PC providing 4K content. The receiver and TV are from late 2017.

The receiver had three 4K capable ports:
  • Game
  • Blu-Ray

A bit more than a year ago, the CBL/SAT port that the PC was plugged into just stopped working at anything above 1080p. And tonight, the same thing happened to the Blu-Ray port.

The incidents didn't seem entirely random: about a year ago I was experimenting with new HDR features in Windows; tonight I was experimenting with the new HDR support in the Apple TV. (I typically don't use either in HDR, so the receiver doesn't typically work with HDR content since I connect the PlayStation directly to the TV.) It feels like the receiver just got overstressed and broke something, which seems weird for a digital connection.

The PS5 and PC just hang and show a blank screen when plugged into these ports; the Apple TV seems to try to connect and then gives up and displays at 1080p. They all work fine with the one remaining good port (Game).

I've tried a variety of cables and devices, as well as a hard reset of the reciever, so I feel relatively confident it's a hardware problem on the receiver. I tried some compressed air on the ports but they didn't do anything. I haven't yet unscrewed and opened the device as I'm assuming that I won't see anything useful...

Is this a common problem? Is it just a cheap receiver getting prematurely old, or is this possibly a known issue with known causes/fixes? Is it worthwhile to try to find a repair shop, if such things still exist? ;)

Thanks for any tips.
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Not aware of this issue being reported previously; however, as the S510BT was first released in 2015, you're likely better served upgrading to a more current model than getting the unit repaired, although can always check with a repair facility for a repair estimate.
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