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This is a really good question for Home Theater Architects & designers. I am stuck in the mud after months of trying.


I have a Samsung F8000 TV, Denon 3313CI AVR and have in-wall surround speakers connected to the AVR.


TV is installed in a living room where Surround Speakers are also in wall.


AVR is at a remote location in basement. A Pair of CAT6 cables run from the AVR to TV. Cable run is about 100ft.


Cable Box is connected to AVR via HDMI.

AVR is connected to TV via HDMI over CAT6 , using expensive HDBaseT Extenders.


For one reason or another, the Audio Return Channel (ARC) to return TV audio back to AVR through the HDMI connection does not work. (My verdict on the failure is the HDBaseT extender can not support ARC, though HDMI-CEC works just fine, ARC is supposed to use the same channel as CEC, so not too certain on that.)

That means when I use Smart Hub and run SmartTV apps like Netflix, Hulu etc... or when playing videos from a DLNA server, I do not receive sound from my surround speakers. Sound can be heard from TVs native speakers but that's not why people spend 5-6 digit $$$$$ to get! I'd like to play Streaming Video on my TV from various sources (Home Cloud/ NAS / Media Server / Internet) and Hear the good sound(!) from my surround speakers too.


I can run an optical cable (over Cat6) from TV back to AVR to carry TV sound, however, I figured this is not the perfect solution as the SmartHub would input only stereo sound to optical out. If the streaming content has built in surround sound I'd not be able to hear the TRUE sound from the source.


I would really like to attach ONE DEVICE to my AVR via HDMI to handle video streaming. I also would like this device to either own the local content files (NAS) or be directly connected to it.




1-) Is there such a device?

     (To stream video content, both from local network (NAS, DLNA) and from internet, into DVR's HDMI IN)

     And if there is, would I encounter codec issues w/ the AVR?


2-) What is youe expert suggestion? Which way should I go?

     Attach a device to stream into AVR


     Return TV Audio to AVR via Optical Cable & Use SmartHub


Thank you!
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