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I recently got a HSU surround kit with a VTF3 MK5 sub (love it by the way) and so I bought a Denon X-3000 without studying things too much.

Well now a month later, I'm so in love with the sub, that I'm getting another for Two Subs.

But it really bothers me the X-3000 doesn't have Multi Sub EQ (Audyssey X32). I think that would be really nice to have with both subs. Plus I'm thinking I want to try Atmos.

My room won't let me run sides speakers or rear speakers for those types of 7.2, so my only option is to run 7.2 as front height OR maybe set up Atmos as 5.2.2 or 5.2.4

So with this being said I'm thinking I should get Denon X4100W or maybe even X5200W.

But I'm seeing things here and there about them not having HDCP 2.2 pass through?? And I have a really nice 4K Tv. The Tv does have the HDCP 2.2, but would be nice to run future 4k stuff through receiver.

Do you think I should hold my horses and wait for a reasonably priced Denon with HDCP 2.2??? Or do you guys think the X4100W or X5200w is reasonably 'future proof'?

Thanks !!
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