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First of all,

This is my first post so before getting into the subject a short introduction. I am 33 y/o guy from Holland who recently got into the surround amp life style and pretty much enjoy it. I haven't gone for the high end stuff as I really need to get a full understanding of the sound.


Short version for those who avoid wall of texts:D

6 months ago I bought an denon avr-x1000 with a simple boston accoustics xs 5.1 set. Straight out of the box the system worked pretty well and delivered very good quality for a mid sized room, until the last firmware update.

Problem is now that the sub sound is barely noticeable while watching movies but very high while listening from denon's streaming audio feature.


For those who feel like reading further.

Before the update, I slightly had to adjust my db settings to my liking (as audyssey had them a bit lower) , which were like:


LF+RF: +4db

SL+SR: +1db

SW: -1db

Woofer's volume was about 35% of it's scale to 100 let's say.

This delivered a very clear and warm sound especially when listening to DTS movies. Simply put my windows were shacking while watching a movie at 50%.


However, after a firmware update this week, sound went completely nuts. As soon as the receiver rebooted after his update, I noticed that the general volume was much louder than the volume I was usually listening, also the  bass volume was insane while listening to last.fm. I quickly took a look at the levels and SW was set to -8 to my surprise also the rest of the channel levels were randomly reset.Yet, the SW was killing my windows!!!

I  redid a FULL audyssey run and to my surprise a it set everything to about -8db and sub at -12db.

With these settings went straight into last.fm streaming it did ok, but in the movies, the bass it is minimal, in fact the woofer was shutting itself down because it wasn't receiving. To picture how low it is while playing blu-rays now, even if I set the denon SW volume to +12gb and the volume on the SW on it's max it is not there at all. Not hearable. If with this setting I go back to last.fm or connect it to my ps3 it is...well even at a volume of 25 any glass on the table will start to dance.

I cannot figure out what it is going on. I tried changing the sources, played my old movies on a different source, different HDMI source, I even downloaded some of them and played them on my HTPC connected on HDMI...it behaves the same.

Does any one has any idea of how is this possible? From what I can tell, non of the equipment is broken... I am lost.

Any tips are welcome!!



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Do a processor reset on your Denon and then rerun Audyssey. Maybe even unplug the unit for a few minutes.

1. Make sure all speakers are set to small.

2. If you have satellites the crossover should be around 120hz.

3. Anytime you get -12 for sub volume turn the gain down on sub and recalibrate.
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