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Let me start from the basics.


I am completely new to the world of Home Theater System and seeing so many goodies as be befuddled and confused often to the point of scratching my head.


Now I am getting following types of deals that I would like to follow up on.


1. One is Denon AVR x-1000 With Denon 5.1 system 


Looks a good deal , will give me an extra 5.1 HTS. I already have Edifier DA5000 Pro 5.1 Home Theater system so I am not sure I need to add the Denon HTS unless I am doing multizone.

Which I might be interested in later.



  2. Pioneer VSX-1123K


Have heard some great rave reviews about it, and i would be willing to spend on it if it's worth my bucks better than the Denon.



3. Denon AVR X-1000 Alone :


If I don't add, I can probably get the Denon pretty cheap which will cover most of my things? This might be the best deal for me as I am just starting in home theater.


Another thing I do wonder though is that Denon X1000 does not have a Multi Zone support so you have to use the Pre output to hook an external amplifier later should I wish to do multizoning?


I am assuming I am correct in this?


4. Denon AVR X-2000


Supports Multi-zoning out of the box. 

But doesn't have two HDMI outputs comapred to Pioneer VSX.  Will be handicapped ?




In the end out of the 4 options tell me which is the best option for me to follow.


I would like something which offers great sound, at the cost of perhaps paying extra cash. But if I can hear no noticeable sound difference with the higher models , and just some extra ports which wouldn't be worth my extra cash, I am willing to buy the cheaper model.


Thank you for replies. :)


Anything else which you might consider better than all of these could be considered too, so throw in your options :)
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