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Hi. I have live in a two bedroom condo and would like to be able to listen to music in up to 3 out of 4 rooms at the same time (but usually only 2). I am on the top floor, so I have attic access to all the rooms. The condo is about 1,000 square feet (92 m2). The living room/dining area/kitchen are not separated. The LR ceiling is over 20ft high so for people in the kitchen to hear anything I will need to use the Denon's ZONE2 for that most of the time. Sometimes I'd like Zone2 to go to one of the the bedrooms.

As cheaply as possible (excluding the cost of wiring) and without using wifi or bluetooth, I'd like to have the ability to enjoy the following situations at independent volume levels. I only care about audio signals.
1. Living room and Kitchen playing SAME source -OR-
2. Living room and Bedroom 1 or 2 playing SAME source -OR-
3. Living room and Bedroom 1 or 2 playing DIFFERENT source -OR-
4. Bedroom 1 or 2 playing SAME source -OR-

Samsung 65" TV without Analog-out (un65ku630dfxza)
- This TV can be controlled via an ios or Android device but I usually use the remote.
Denon AVR-X2200W
- This receiver can be controlled via webpage, ios, or Android. Other than the sound, this is my favorite thing about it. The network capability never messes up after setting the receiver to a static IP and connecting it directly to the router. I rarely use the included remote.
Klipsch R-28F x2
Klipsch R-10sw x2
Sony BluRay player without Analog-out

The speakers are not really important for what I'm asking about but I included them FYI.
Klipsch AW-650 x2 in kitchen (we cook a lot so I want something indestructible)
Klipsch R-15M x2 in bedroom 2
Klipsch R-10sw x1 in bedroom 2
Klipsch RP-240S x2 in bedroom 1

A. YouTube music from Samsung TV (I ordered a decoder so the Denon can send this to Zone2)
B. iPod directly connected to Denon
C. CD in Sony DVD player (I don't have an extra decoder for this)
D. Amazon Prime music if it could ever be streamed directly from the Denon, DVD player, or TV (none can)

1. Wireless speaker options? No. I prefer to run Cat5 and/or speaker wire through the attic. We have the right to modify the drywall in our unit. I don't want to worry about wifi issues.
2. Bluetooth speaker options? No. I don't want to worry about connectivity problems.
3. I didn't realize the Denon AVR-X2200W cannot send digital audio sources to Zone 2 and now it's too late to return it and get the X3300W.
4. I have no intention of going beyond a 5.2 setup in the living room.

1. Is the cheapest option getting a speaker selector and putting it next to the Denon?
2. Are there any remote controllable (via RF or network) 3-set speaker selectors that don't cost as much as a networked receiver?
3. I'd love to control the power as well as what source goes where from any room using an iPad or Android phone. Is it cheaper to buy a network-capable A/B/A+B stereo receiver OR get a second Denon?
4. Should I get a Heos amp and use the x2200W's preouts? If I do that, will I be able to have three zones running at once with my current receiver?

I appreciate any help the learned members of this forum can offer. I'm new to all this and the choices are overwhelming for me.
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