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Hi, no recent activity in the Denon forum so I figure I would hit some other Denon users in this thread.

I have the AVR1610 and suddenly I lost sound. No errors, blinking lights, nothing obvious. No sound, from any source.

I go into the menu and on Menu #3 Audyssey setup, the #3 text is missing, just a blank space where that option should be. I go into manual setup of speakers, where you run test tone for individual volume and that option is gone now as well.

I did the reset by turning off the power, holding the 2 buttons while hitting power and nothing helped.

Oh and I plugged in the microphone and no popup showing that a microphone was plugged in.

So basically, this thing is dead for some unknown reason.

Any thoughts?

Thank you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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