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Hi All

I am considering purchasing the Denon AVR3310CI, or the AVR3311CI for the house I am currnetly building. One of the reasons I am leaning towards these models is the multi-zone support with the 2nd remote.

The way the house is setup is 5.1 in the living room, with 2 channels in both the dining and master bedroom.

For the 2 secondary zones, the low-voltage contractor ran speaker wire and a cat5 from the living room (where the receiver will be) to a low-voltage wall box in each room. From there he ran a second set of speaker wires to the ceiling.

My question is: Can I get a unit that will go into that wall box that will allow me to control the secondary zones?

I assume that the cat5 is for this very purpose, but have not been able to find anything on how I would set up this type of control solution.

Any help is gretly appreciated.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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