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Denon AVR790 or VSX-1019AH-K

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So I have been waiting for Newegg to get the Pioneer in stock, their ETA is tomorrow but I noticed the new Denon today and its similar to Pioneer. Im looking for a receiver in the 400-500 range with the new codecs and good upscaling. I have a 5.1 system with 2 JBL speakers and the whole shabang. I have an old Kenwood receiver at the moment but I wanted to upgrade to get true HD sound. My question is I know each upconverts video to 1080p through Component but im not sure if the Pioneer does 1080p upconversion through HDMI, I think the Denon does. The pioneer has more wattage and a digital amplifier I believe along with a GUI setup and good reviews while the Denon is pretty new and is just coming out. I only have a Wii, a blu ray player and a Comcast HD box. Amazon says the Denon is not out yet and has been out of Pioneers for a long time now. Sooo suggestions + comments?
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I've also narrowed my choice down to these two AVRs. Amazon just got the Pioneer's back in stock.

Anyone else want to help us out? I'm a noobie, but I've heard great things about both Denon and Pioneer.
The denon upconverts to 1080p through HDMI and the pioneer doesnt. Thats a pretty big difference. Im pretty sure pioneer lies about its wattage and maybe even paid cnet to get a really good review.
It all comes down to what technology you like and Brand. I own a Denon 790 and think very highly of it. The Pio 1019 is rated very highly also.

One HDMI cable operates all my equipment. I don't think the Pio can. Another advantage is the Denon does HDMI passthrough when the unit is off but not the Pio.

You can't go wrong with either.
Where do you find a 790 online? Amazon says its not out yet lol. I think etailers just want to sell the 1910.
I weighed this choice quite a bit and ended up going with the Denon AVR-1910 (same as the 790, more or less). By all accounts, it runs cooler which counts. The easy iPhone/iPod compatibility with no dock weighed in the Pioneer's favor. As well as the fact that Pioneer makes some good Blu-Ray players (I like staying with one vendor, as much as possible) and has better customer service than Denon.

In the end, it seemed like the scale tipped ever so slightly in the AVR-1910's favor. Reviews seem to indicate it plays nicer with a PS3 and does a better job of upconversion.

The Pioneer sounds easier to setup. Though the Denon offers similar auto-config options, just that their manuals are horrid.

I got in on "Name your own price" at 6ave.com last week, but the AVR-1910 is back-ordered a bit. Hoping for delivery next week. Got it for $433 shipped.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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