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Denon AVRX4200W Crashing when using Zone 2 independently

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I have a Denon AVRX4200W and all components run fine on Zone 1. Recently when using Zone 2 independently, it has been making the receiver crash which I thought was random at first.

EX: Zone 1 - DirecTV Receiver
Zone 2 - Nintendo Switch
Making Mario run, repeat gunshots in Fortnite or other random times and the receiver crashes, but if Zone 1 and 2 are on the same source (Nintendo switch), it will never crash and play fine on both zones. Mario is the best example because it crashed every single time the second you start to run if Zone 1 is not also set to the Nintendo Switch or if Zone 1 is powered off

This same thing happens if the PS4 or Blu-Ray player is playing in Zone 2 but a different source is playing on Zone 1 or if Zone 1 is powered off
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Check for a loose Zone 2 speaker wire strand touching another speaker post either at the AVR or the Zone 2 speakers.

If still no joy, there is a lot of helpful information provided in posts 1-8 of the 2015 Denon AVR Owner's thread which is where questions regarding the X4200W are discussed. Refer to post #5 in that thread for the various resets to try.

The "OFFICIAL" 2015 Denon "S-series" / "X-series" AVR Owner's thread + FAQ (HDCP 2.2) | AVS Forum
A lot of great information in that thread, thank you but could not find anything like my issue. It was doing it without any speakers connected to Zone 2, just using HDMI out. I did do a factory reset the other day but restored the configuration after the reset. I just did a factory reset again right now and did not restore the config file and everything is working fine, at least for the last few minutes of testing. Wondering if there is some setting that is causing this or if I just need to start from scratch with the settings?
After having my kid play games for several hours without any issues, I compared my old settings to the factory settings and started changing the new settings to match and found what was causing the receiver crash.

general > zone 2 setup > volume limit. If volume limit is off, the receiver will crash if zone 2 is playing something different than zone 1. I did this 4 times to confirm, and every time I disabled volume control, it crashed. If the volume limit was set to the default of 80, it worked and I could have DirecTV on zone 1 and PS4 or whatever source on zone 2.

This is weird as no speakers are connected to zone 2 and I believe this volume limit feature is only for wired zone 2 speakers, not the HDMI ouput
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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