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well i finally received my Denon but to my suprise 3D and Netflixs do not work

in canada asked denon why netflixs wont work all i got was

Unfortunately the 1611 is not compatible with the Canadian version of Netflix streaming service.but after looking within denon canada page i see clearly that the unit will have netflixs which ticks me off. i really like denon but i am not so impressed with fasle advertisment at all,

and on top of that 3d wont be able to work till late Jan io mean come on if

you are realasing a unit make sure that all your eggs are correct dont launch an half ass product,

i hope denon can fix there isues this is a sweet unit but if your in canada might want to wait a bit to see what denon does

if you look at http://ca.denon.com/CA/Product/Pages...4-ce29a6f55328

3D-Ready Via Firmware Solution

Prepared for the future, the DBP-1611UD features built-in readiness for 3D Blu-ray disc playback, to be activated via a simple firmware solution that is planned for Fall 2010 availability.

Built-in Video, Audio And Photo Streaming

Via the LAN port, the DBP-1611UD connects to your multimedia home PC and lets you watch your favorite videos, listen to your favorite audio tracks and even view your favorite photos. The DBP-1611UD also supports movie and video streaming from the internet, with Netflix (subscription required) and YouTube (available via firmware update Fall 2010).
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