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I'm looking for some advice as to how to upgrade my current setup without breaking the bank. My tentative plan as of now is to add an amplifier and a new subwoofer, and I'm trying to spend something south of $600-800 on both combined.

My setup:

Denon AVR-488 Reciever

Boston Acoustics MCS-100 5.1 Surround Speaker Package

HTPC with CMI8738 audio chipset 5.1 (digital passthrough) over optical

DirecTV HD receiver - audio over optical

Samsung HLT5676S TV (all video direct to it over HDMI, not through receiver)

Harmony Remote (FWIW, if I add an amp I'd like it to have IR remote)

I'm just not getting enough volume, even at high levels. I don't have much experience with home audio, but I just want my surround sound to feel a little louder, more immersive. I don't know if the speakers are underpowered, if I'm not setting it up properly, or what. The sub that came with this set is pretty small, I'm planning to buy a better one soon, probably in the neighborhood of 300 watts (suggestions welcome.)

The sub I know I need. My question is: Would adding an amp for the surround help, or do I just need to change my settings/use higher quality speaker wire/something else? If I'm adding an amp, how does that even work? There doesn't seem to be a lot of non-car amplifier info out there for lower-to-mid range systems, just a bunch of $2000 amps for $10,000 systems.

Anyway, if anyone has any input, or can direct me to a good buyers guide for amps, (if that's even what I need) or any other links that might be helpful, that would be awesome.

First post, here's hoping!
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