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I have a Denon DVD-1730 that has been very good for quite some time. However, I recently switched from component cables to HDMI. The picture was great but the audio ... that's a different story.

Although it's clear as day, the LEFT and RIGHT channels are swapped with the HDMI cable. So now when that car races by on my big screen from right to left, I hear it go from left to right. I can't just swap my 7.1 surround hook-ups cause they work fine in regular TV mode.


Yes, I've tried swapping out cables, TVs, and DVD players ...

... it's the DVD player with the issue.

It has a 1-year waranttee, that has just expired.

Denon is offering no help.

Thoughts? Or should I just start buying a different brand of electronics from now on? Thanks in advance.
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