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I am selling my Denon DVD-3800. Comes with remote, original box and all original paperwork. See the pictures for details or email me with any questions.

Product Description

Progressive Scan DVD-Audio/Video Player • Powered by the latest Silicon Image/DVDO PureProgressive (SiI504) Decoding Engine - highest quality progressive decoding engine available • PureProgressive decoding features high speed ultra-resolution DSP at 6 Billion Operations Per Second (6 GOPS)with 64Mb external SDRAM • 4 fields (2 frames) digital video processing for optimum motion detection and compensation • Accurate 2:3 pulldown detection and reconstruction, even with inaccurately flagged content • Optimum processing for film content, video content, graphics content and mixed-mode content • 12fps(Animation), Video overlay detection and processing
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