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Denon DVD-5900 DVI DVD Player...

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OK, so who here is gonna take a deep breath, hold their nose, and jump in with the Denon 5900 on its release.

I'm giving VERY serious consideration to jumping in ASAP..

-- Cain
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I am very seriously considering purchasing a DVD-A11 AKA DVD-5900 with a proposed UK retail price of £1600 it is less than I was expecting it to be.

The only thing that concerns me is how much the upgrade to Denon Link 3 will cost, this will not be free as was the case with Denon Link 2.

I am still trying to find out whether Denon intend to implement a firewire connection or 2 on the A1SR aka 5803 as well, I will hopefully know more next week, I have asked the Denon ASM & he isn't sure at this stage whether firewire will be available for the AVC-A1SR.
Hi Cain!

I'm in the market for this player. In fact, I have two "Wanted" ads up (Audiogon and Videogon). I'm looking to upgrade from my Pioneer Elite DV-09 which is still working well and will be moved to my bedroom. I'm purchasing this player mostly for video playback, and I can't wait for the DVI connection to be enabled as I am watching HDTV using a DVI connection now. If it does all the other things well, then I consider it a plus. I can't wait!


I will most likely purchase one as soon as they are available. Any thoughts as to the street price upon release?

How long for the DVI activation?

When will we see them? I checked with Tweeter yesterday and they do

not show them in their system yet .
Here is a link to the Denon Web Page. They have good closeup photos of the front and back of the 5900, and a Brochure PDF, and the manual in pdf also..


I'm hearing Late September or early October, so I'd guess that first week of October.

I have not heard any firm pricing as of yet, but I heard the Mfg List was going to be $2,000.00 but I have not read or heard that confirmed yet.

Anyone know anything else they can share with us??

-- Cain
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I spoke with a Denon rep last Thursday regarding this player...we spent about 30 minutes on the phone! They are en route and may be in Hawaii. They should be reaching our shores in 2-3 weeks hitting the West Coast first. The folks at Denon have not seen this player yet...except for at CEDIA. As for the street price, I'd like to know that also. The DVI activation is really up in the air, and I could never pin down the rep as to a time period. It all depends on the legal matters for activation of this port. They are also not sure whether it would be a simple software upgrade or an actual physical modification...I would assume it is the former.

Denon is taking orders at 1999., and their ETA is listed as October 24th. They ship with free return label enclosed--very useful if we run into any problems like with the 2900! Altho the price is steep, you wouldn't want to buy one from an unauthorized dealer, with so many features not yet activited!

The fine print at Denon's site mentions upgrading the 5803's for firewire, but does not give details.
They are also not sure whether it would be a simple software upgrade or an actual physical modification...
OK, that scared me a little bit. I don't want to have to ship my DVD player back to Denon to activate the DVI output..

Thank you and Doc for the info about shipping and price. I agree you definitely want to get this puppy from an authorized Denon dealer...

-- Cain
This player sounds like a winner, but I'll hold until DVI is activated and also to hear how the PQ is thru DVI since the current crops of inexpensive players still leave much to be desire. I hope Denon will have it activated soon because the longer they wait, other DVI output players will be on the market and it'll be tough to buy this player at such price point.
I'm interested, but I'm holding off to see how it compares to the Pioneer 59 AVi. And would be nice to see Secret's reviews on both players too. :)

I have read that the DVI output will be able to be enabled by playing a specifically encoded CD or DVD. Shouldn't have to be sent back to the manufacturer.
So it looks like we are going to play the serial number game over again! e.g. those units below 123XXXXXXX cannot be modified for DVI to be enabled....those above 1234xxxxxxxx are ok....lets hope not? this player [A11 for Pal] will be my last chance for a "Mother Of All Players"

cheers laurie
Despite the hefty price, I do want to buy one of these so I can hopefully get one good multi-format player to last until whatever HD format happens. Right now it seems like I'm buying a new player every few months trying to find something good, not to mention having too many players for different formats. If this performs well and does everything it says it does, I'm sold. But before I drop the $2k for the 5900, it better pass all the Secrets tests almost flawlessly, and I want to see some good reviews from several sources, not to mention user's comments here. And of course, I'll wait until the dvi port is enabled. Once all that happens, then if the reviews are positive, I'll be ready to buy.
Despite the hefty price, I do want to buy one of these so I can hopefully get one good multi-format player to last until whatever HD format happens.
My hope as well.

- Cain
On paper this thing looks like a killer......I hope it doesn't go bust.... as history tells us that Denon tends to disappoint with these pre-annoucements. Also the DVI issue concerns me....I will wait till all the dust settles and like the rest of you will proceed with guarded optimism...but even if the unit passes everything with flying colors...no DVI for me equals no buy...promising and delivering on DVI are 2 different things but man I want this player !
I may be the guinea pig on this one..
Let me get this straight:

The pioneer 59 upconverts to HD output at 1080i

The denon does not correct?

As per Denon's website, the 5900 will be able to upconvert to 480p/720p/1080i when the DVI-D is enabled. Here is the quote on their page: "(1) DVI-D (HDCP) Output with selectable 480p/720p/1080i output (DVD-Forum has not approved DVI output at this time, so this output will not be functional. Once Forum approved, an upgrade be made available)"


I don't think you'll be the only guinea pig. ;)

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I,m not sure I will jump at first... Because my DVD-3800 is still skipping and freezing after the laser pick-up replacement...

So I will wait and see, and probably wait for the serial number coming out with the DVI activated... Will let other do the guinea pigs this time...
Looks like video scaling is only done on the DVI output. The menu choices are:

DVI: Off, 480p, 720p, 1080i.

Video out: Progressive, Interlaced

Progressive mode: Auto1, Auto2, Video1, Video2, Video3
$1999 for a DVD player.

Heeeeaaaaaaalllllllll no!!!

This thing better play DVD's, cook meals, do housework, and allow me to retire for $1999.....

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