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Denon Home Speakers: Can they play sources from a Denon AVR?

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I am wondering if Denon Home speakers are able to output sources from a Denon AVR on the same network using HEOS.

E.g. Can a Denon Home 150 output an HDMI source which is connected to a Denon X3700h? If so, how is this done? I have these two devices and I haven’t been able to figure this out using the HEOS app.
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Yes. I have been doing this for years now - and its specifically why I bought a HEOS 1 speaker. I have a raspberry Pi with a HDD attached that acts as my music server. This Pi is connected to the Denon AVR x3400H via HDMI. On the Heos App I have 2 "speakers". One is the Heos1 in the living room and the other is the AVR in my family room. I can also group them both and play the same music from my Pi on both the wireless Heos as well as my Wired Towers - but selecting individual option also works. On the app, where you select the source - there is an "inputs" option. It shows all the inputs on my AVR. I pick the one I want there. Just make sure your AVR and Heos Speaker are on the same network.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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