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Denon or Marantz

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I'm looking for a new A/V receiver to use in my setup. I am looking at the Denon AVR 2310 and the Marantz SR 6003. witch one is better? I'm currently using a 720p projector but i want to upgrade to a 1080P projector. Wich A/V receiver is better? I am using 2 magnat Concept 5 (front) speakers and 2 B&O beovox rear speakers.

I want to use multiple hdmi devices (xbox 360, media streamer and blu-ray player) with the receiver and 1 cable to my projector. Are there any issues with hdmi switching? Witch one is better in my setup and with future upgrades in mind?

I mostly use my ht for gaming and movies and the sound is always "hard" (high volume). If you have any other suggestions or other models please i am open for suggestions!

Thanks in advance,

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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