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Denon Receiver Digital Output?

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Im trying to get the digital output on my denon 1803 to work. I'm connecting it to a JVC SU-DH1 dolby headphone processor, which ive verified to work with other sources.

I assumed my 1803 would just output whatever digital inputs were going into the receiver depending on what source I was listening to. This doesnt appear to be the case. I cant seem to get anything usable out of thee output. Some outputs seem to make the light brighter if I have the digital optical cable unplugged, so it seems like the receiver should be working. Am I just using it wrong?
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Figured out what the problem is kinda. It doesnt do the coax, or the front optical. And it seems that it's not a monitor out, so its assigned to optical 3, so it won't output optical 3 in threw the optical 3 out. Very frustrating :/
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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