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These are due to be released in late August. Looks like they have begun shipping in Japan. I will be buying one of these units. I'm trying to figure out the cost benefit of going with the S-301. Attached at the below link is a review of the units and list the specifications side by side.


Here are SOME of the differences (there are a few others):

S-101 vs. S-301

$999 (S-101) vs. $1,599 (S-301)

Watts per Ch 50 (101) vs. 70 (301)

Subwoofer Power 100 (101) vs. 140 (101)

HDCD Decoder No (101) vs. Yes (301)

AL24 Processing Stereo/Direct Modes No (101) vs. Yes (301)

SACD & DVD-Audio No (101) vs. Yes (301)

Progressive Scan DVD Player – 480p only Yes (101) vs. No (301)

Progressive Scan DVD Player featuring DCDi Engine by Faroudja FLI-2310 No (101) vs. Yes (301)

HDMI Output with selectable scaling – 480p/720p/1080i No (101) vs. Yes (301)

Would you spend the extra $600 for the S-301? I just can't see the extra value, but I would be open to advice...


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