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Denon x4000 Firmware Update (2/19/14) - DTS Neo:X Option Disappeared

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Has anyone updated their Denon AVR-x4000 (or x3000 even) to the latest firmware (2/19/14)? If so, can you still select DTS Neo:X?

Previous, that's what I was using when watching movies on TV, and now I can only select Dolby Digital. When I hold down one of the quick select options (say, I hold down the Movie button for several seconds), it no longer has DTS Neo:X as an option. Only Stereo, Dolby Digital, Multi Channel, Mono Movie, and Virtual.

Why is DTS Neo:X no longer an option? I did look through the user's manual, and pg 216 has troubleshooting that says:
Dolby PLg mode or DTS NEO:X mode cannot be selected.

• It cannot be selected when “None” is set for “Speaker Config.” – “Center” and “Surround”.

• These cannot be selected when using the headphones.

I have verified that the update didn't change my speaker configuration, and both Center and Surround are still set.

I have a 5.1 setup. The source is connected via HDMI. Audio input type is set to "Auto" (as opposed to "PCM" or "DTS"). What other information would be useful?

Any help, whether it's "The update was fine for me and I can still select DTS Neo:X" or "Yes, I have the same problem" or something else, is greatly appreciated.
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I have not updated mine but will be following this post to see what others do and how it affects the unit.
I have updated my X4000 with no adverse effects to include still being able to select DTS Neo:X which I use daily. The reason you cannot select DTS NEO:X is the same reason you cannot select DD PLII - Cinema ... the unit is receiving a 5.1 signal and there is nothing to simulate. If you select a 2CH stereo source you will then be able to select DTS NEO:X again.

Also note there is a dedicated thread just for the 2013 Denon AVRs .... review posts #3-6 in that thread for additional helpful information to include the actual firmware changelog in post #6.

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Thanks JD. I did review that thread and saw the change log and didn't see anything that should mess up my settings. Thing is, before this update, I could use DTS Neo:X on any station. However now it's not even a choice in the list. What else could be different? Like I said on every station I turned to last night it was saying was DD input so I couldn't change it. Would be CRAZY coincidence if DTV suddenly update for all their feeds to be DD5.1.

Are there any other requirements for using DTS Neo:X?
Well I did finally find a channel that didn't send a DD signal and sure enough I can set it to DTS Neo:X. Just have no idea why things are different now. I cycled through DD and DTS on numerous channels just this past week b/c I was testing certain programming with Neo:X and preferred it almost 100% of the time. Sometimes even for sports.
If the AVR is receiving a 5.1 signal and you only have a 5.1 setup there is nothing to simulate. Press the INFO button on the remote and if the display shows 5 CH, there's the reason you cannot select DTS Neo:X.
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