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I'm in the market for a new receiver to power my existing speakers. The front speakers are Cerwin Vega XLS-215s and the others are Klipsch (all speakers already bought). This is all setup in a large room that opens up to the backyard and I frequently have many guests over. My primary focus is on using those CVs for music, but also using the full setup for movies like once a week... both at pretty different volume levels of course.


I think I narrowed the receiver down to the Denon x4000, based on the awesome feature set and good reviews. I used to have a Pioneer SC-1522-K for a very short time and wasn't too impressed with the loudness and bass from the CVs, but it may not have been setup correctly.


Should I need to get an external amp to drive those CVs? I've read opinions about how even 100w each is more than enough due to their sensitivity, but if you look up reviews on Amazon for the CVs most of the reviewers state that they needed an external amp to really push them.
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