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denon x4700h - question about Rear channels

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i dont have any room to have surround (side speakers) and i only have rear surround setup. as i have searched around you cannot get by with using only rear but have to actually choose side speakers before you can select rear. so i have to use the side surround outputs for my rear.

So my question is if the surround output is the same as the rear is it the exact same stream? cause in games when something is in the rear making sounds i actually hear it in the rear speaker on my old Z906 logitech system and there wasnt a forced usage of side speakers since there is separate outputs for those on the motherboards 3.5mm jack outputs and windows doesnt force you to use sides when you only have rear.

So if i use my rear as my side surround output will i still get the same sound positioning sent to the speaker or will i hear stuff that are on my sides in games (and movies) coming out from the rear? what happens when there is specific rear positioning audio will it come out in sides or in the fronts?

Im really new to how receivers process audio since i've only done analog pc audio with the logitech all-in-one 5.1 systems.

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The “side” surrounds are the surrounds no matter if they are to the sides, slightly behind to the sides or all the way behind as long as you dont have ‘surrounds’+’rear surrounds’ also.
Everything will come from the surrounds that is supposed to be behind you. Thinking of them as “side” speakers isnt right because things that are supposed to be straight to your side wont be just in the surrounds it will also be a little in the front L or R also.
If you are used to an old analogue 5.1 system you have used surrounds all this time no matter where you had them placed(within reason).

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i see so if i actually had sides + rear would it seperate it to make more accurate positioning or would both side and rear play same stream (surround)?
i see so if i actually had sides + rear would it seperate it to make more accurate positioning or would both side and rear play same stream (surround)?
For actual 7.1 content it would be more accurate(dolby trueHD, dolby digital+ and DTS comparable formats) for games it probably depends on the game how they do the sound and the formats they use.
For upmixed sound im not entirely sure but i think it can be some differences between the surrounds and rear surrounds similar to front left center right but with the 4 at the back. Someone else is bound to know for sure but i only run a 5.1 system.

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In 5.1 the surrounds should be in an intermediate position, not right at the sides or the back. 120 degrees from the front is a good place for 5.1 surrounds.

For 7.1, 90 degrees and 150 degrees is good.

I've seen that Windows in some ways treats 5.1 surrounds as if they were 7.1 surround backs, but that's a bit bogus. They're neither "side" nor "back" specifically, they're surround.

I haven't seen any close analysis of how games mix, but ideally they should be doing something like assuming speakers at 120 degrees for 5.1, or 90 and 150 degrees for 7.1.

It should be possible to figure that out to within 10 degree precision by panning around in-game, checking your compass and seeing when a sound source is loudest in a particular speaker... Going to have to try it.

I do vaguely recall seeing at least one game (an Uncharted one possibly?) let you configure your speaker angles...

But for compatibility with pre-mixed stuff, it's best to get your speakers into as standard a position as possible.
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