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Depp, Sinatra & Others Star in DIY Theater

By Rachel Cericola
Who would've thought to bring all of these greats together? Paul Snyder, an artist, who furnished his theater with a homemade cast of characters.

Paul Snyder didn't just create a home theater in his spare bedroom. He turned it into a production. This artist/DIYer wanted the goodies that come with having a theater room, but certainly didn't sacrifice any of the details.

As a visual artist, I usually have a detailed vision in my mind before I dive into any project, says Paul. This one was no exception. With that frame of mind, Paul set out to create an over-the-top theater with rich fabrics, carved moldings, and tons of other details throughout.

Yes - some of those details include life-sized reproductions of a few very famous characters. In the ticket window, there's Johnny Depp, circa his Jack Sparrow years.

In the projection booth, there's a swinging Frank Sinatra. He also has a recording studio, which features Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Darth Vader, Arnold Schwarzenegger (as The Terminator), and even a Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

These aren't pieces that Paul found at estate sales or on eBay. He actually built them by hand. It takes a lot of patience and skill, as well as resources. For the Jack Sparrow, Paul purchased a mold of Depp's face on eBay.

I've always been a fan of the actor Johnny Depp as he has never been afraid to take chances and do what he wants creatively, regardless of what other deem appropriate, says Paul. And Jack Sparrow really epitomizes that carefree attitude that I like.

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