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So I think I am sold on a single maelstrom and a pair of passives.

From all the data I read, it seems to have the greatest bang for the footprint, best use of my single ep2500, and even the bassis eq I already have.

I say bassis not for the eq, but because it makes a great line driver to boost the level for the ep2500 input, and has a highpass 20 hz filter (from what I can tell more like an 18 hz), and I already have it.

I plan on a 24 X24 X 30 or so to get me 8 to 8.5 cubes on the inside (to be fine tuned via braces etc)

I know I need two layers on the baffle board. Do I need it for everywhere else? I don't want a two ton behemoth!

Do you stuff a PR cabinet?

I am hoping one brace in the middle would be enough, a simple panel with three half moons cut out to brace things? More?

If I have to, something like this members?

But I *really* like the simplicity of NEO Dans easy cube.

Maybe even more "towerish" with a 21" foot print and the passives a bit higher on the tower than the active.

Any thoughts you all have, I want to do this right the first time. I can only lean on my BIL (think Norm Abrams!) for so much....
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